Monday, November 29, 2010


Still feeling inarticulate regarding the passing of our little buddy Huey... so allow me to speak through images instead, namely the various paintings I've done which were inspired by Huey's cuteness:

I did the following pencil sketches on Saturday 11/27/10, our last day with Huey:

The one's a ballpoint pen sketch of his cute widdle feet:

Huey: beloved pet, devoted friend, excellent art model.


Brian Sylvester said...


It always makes me very sad to hear of the passing of a pet, especially a feline. My thoughts and my energies are with you. Lovely, lovely sketches. I'm sure you know, but it takes time.

Take care,

sarah meredith said...

Diane - these are beautiful paintings and drawings of you cat Huey. I am so sorry that you have lost him. He must have had a wonderful life with you. xxs

Alia El-Bermani said...

What a fantastic collection to remember Huey by! Beautiful. xxoo

Jan said...

One well-loved cat...definitely an enlightened energy...sad for you, but know that you all benefitted from the time ya'll spent together.

A/your new blog follower (this was the first time I've read your blog...looking forward to seeing what else you might choose to share.)


Diane Feissel said...

Thanks for all your comments - Huey will definitely be missed, but I am glad I painted and drew him as much as I did while he was still with us!!