Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Despite my promises to myself, the blogosphere, my keyboard, etc., I haven't updated since the WPW-a-thon extravaganza of this past September. But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! No, indeed. It just means I've been too busy to post. (I think that's what that means. Or maybe too lazy to post. Hm.) Anyway, allow me to remedy this tragic state of affairs with a little update: a recent alla prima sketch of my studiomate, one night recently when our model cancelled. I have two versions of the painting because MAN OH MAN is it hard to photograph dark paintings. You will notice the painting looks wildly different in these photos because A. my phone's camera is apparently crap and B. this here painter (me) is apparently a crap photographer:

studiomate sketch photo #1 - too light, too much glare
(painting is 12"x12", oil on panel)

studiomate sketch photo #2 - TOO DARK WAAAAY TOO DARK

Sigh. We can't win them all, folks. Here's to more painting, at least - whether or not I'll be able to accurately photograph them or not.

More soon when I find the Goldilocks sweet spot.