Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Le dernier jour.

Last night after getting back from Nuernberg I stayed over with the lovely Ms. Susan (aka Violette), who scored this sweet lorgnette – a quality accessory purchase of which I am most covetous - from the optics shop down the way on the Rue Lepic, observe:
We both were out on on our separate journeys, however, by mid-morning today – she on to Angers, myself off to enjoy my very, very last (sniff) day in Paris before heading off to Dublin. Weeping and plodding through the city I went, including a pilgrimage to Le Paradis for their eeeeexcellent DIY (rather, mix it yourself – "MIY"-?) hot chocolate:
By the way, this advisory was written on the back of the bathroom door at Le Paradis, I thought it was worth sharing with you all:
I got one last look at lovely St. Merri, which has a new and interesting painting on its ceiling since the last time I was here:
Okay. Onward to Dublin... au revoir, Paris, à la prochaine!