Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NYC encore.

I was back in NYC on Saturday for some more art-viewing and art-making (okay, just sketching at the Met, but still). I caught up with the lovely and talented Sarah Meredith, and took a peek at the Janus Collaborative. Unfortunately I missed catching up with Jason John and some other artists who were in town, but I did manage to catch up with some art shows I missed last weekend...
For example, Gallery Henoch had the latest Eric Zener show. There are, of course, many wonderful painters at Gallery Henoch – Kim Cogan, Gary Ruddell, David Baker, Sharon Sprung, Patti Oleon, Burton Silverman, amongst many many others; some of their work was showing on the first level, so I took a peek.
Here's a David Bakerpainting:
And a Patti Oleon painting:
And a Gary Ruddell painting:
Yeah, I love that gallery. I also went back to Claire Oliver Gallery exhibition of Jennifer Poon"s work, because it totally deserved a second look. Then I checked out George Billis Gallery, which had a show of Derek Buckner's paintings of white fabric, like the following:
There's also Axelle Fine Art, which focuses on European artists (largely French and Italian, it seems) and always seems to have good painters showing. I also went over to Arcadia in SoHo to check out the latest show there – it had changed already from the weekend prior, when we saw the Robert Liberace show. Currently there's a show by this guy Brad Reuben Kunkle, monochromatic female figures on gold leaf. It was apparently his first solo show, and it was almost sold out completely – whooo!! Good to know that consumer confidence is high enough that people are still inclined to purchase art. Hurrah.
In the evening I stopped by the opening of Shawn Barber's show at Joshua Liner Gallery. Given that the title of the show was "Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle," as one might guess, the vast majority of attendees at the show were heavily tatooed (with the exception of myself, of course). The paintings themselves were well-done, but I think my favorites were the small studies he did of a man with "HARD WORK" (or was it "WORK HARD"-? You choose) tatooed across his fingers:
Good stuff. Thanks for another round of good art viewin', NYC.