Sunday, May 9, 2010

Philadelphie, je t'aime.

Busy times! But now I will take a moment to post some of the loveliness of Philly of late:
Make way for ducklings! Here are a couple of photos from a cute little park nestled away in Penn's campus, which is profiled in this article.
VanGogh would have had a blast painting here…
Groovy waterfall, providing a nice shower for the birds
Giant, semi-frightening koi. Hopefully not carnivorous.

Here are a couple from Eastern State Penitentiary here in Philly:

Not unlike a tree grows in Brooklyn, a weed grows in Eastern State's wall:
Let’s hear a big cheer for Reading Terminal Market for having some young Nubian goats from Shellbark Hollow Farm in West Chester hanging out right outside the market on 12th Street. Yay! Goats! SO cute.
Back in our neighborhood, it seems that Shepard Fairey paid a little visit to Fishtown and left his mark on the side of Rocket Cat. Neat.
More info on this project can be found here. I love that ole Mural Arts Program here in Philly – good stuff. We're lucky to have it... I keep meaning to go on one of their tours. One day soon, I promise.

More pics and info soon! It's busy over here chez Feissel...