Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chelsea, lately.

Oh my, I think I have a case of art burnout. No, not really - I just hit Chelsea today and I hit it hard - my head hurts. Despite the overload, though, really, it was art lover's heaven. So many galleries, too little time. I had an agenda, but was easily sidetracked by many excellent discoveries along the way. I'll have to post more when I have the time, but one of the several highlights was an exhibition of German painter Silke Schöner at Dillon Gallery - this artist has a great way of using white space to great effect in her paintings. Also interesting was Scott Anderson at Stux Gallery, he actually has a really great artists statement to go along with his work, about fallen heroes and apocalyptic scenarios and, well, chaos. Worth looking at, and thinking about. Check it out.

More soon - gotta go see/hear St. Vincent, once I wade through the movie they seem to be filming in front of Susan's apartment here in the East Village. Yipes.