Thursday, May 7, 2009

More reminiscin'

So in addition to being happy about celebrating 10 years of the awesomeness of John, I am also sadly thinking on how I missed the opportunity to study with Studio Escalier this spring, like I did last year. In fact, one year ago today, I was in Paris, drawing and learning and drawing and seeing art and drawing and exploring Paris and drawing. And it was glorious. Click here to see photos of what I was doing this time last year (sniff).

Bonus!! Here are some other photos I never posted to the blog during that lovely, lovely month in Paris (with side trips to Nuernberg, Germany, and Dublin and Ballycastle, Ireland)...
Some of the peeps from class at the Louvre, before going to draw from the museum's collection. Left to right: Sarah Meredith, our awesome teacher Michelle Tully, Susan Vaughan, and Linda Scott.

With apologies for the terrible quality thereof, above is a photo of one of the drawings I did in class, one of the shorter sessions.

Another class drawing, slightly longer pose I think?

Poster for a theatrical performance in town. I might need to check the veracity of this assertion with some people I know...

This was a print from a show we checked out at the Louvre...

"Boubou"... I love it.
This was a find from the Marché aux Puces St-Ouen, wish I had bought it, in retrospect...

Sickly-complexioned self-portrait in front of a shop window at night, Rue Dupin, Paris.

Ah, Paris. Sigh.


Today John and I celebrate the 10-year mark of our relationship, our "dating anniversary." I suppose in some ways this anniversary is even more meaningful than our wedding anniversary (7th coming up this July) only because this anniversary commemorates the actual relationship, while a wedding (while lovely, of course) really ends up being a formal acknowledgment of said relationship.

So, happy 10th to us! Whooo!! Best ten years of my life. Hoping John will choose to renew his option for 10 more.

In New Rochelle, NY, summer '08.