Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorolla + Sadie.

Had a lovely day yesterday checking out some art in NYC!

Friends and fellow Women Painting Women contributors Sadie Valeri and Alia El-Bermani and I checked out the Hispanic Society of America, where the Sorolla murals of life in Spain have recently been re-installed. The pictures I took came out terribly, as usual – but I'll throw one or two out here just to give you a sample:

These murals and their re-installation were the motivation for the trip to the Society, but the building itself in addition to the rest of the (small-ish) permanent collection definitely had significant appeal:

A gorgeous Diego Velázquez painting, poorly photographed by me (sorry)

A painting of, not by, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres…

Sadie and Alia on the second floor

Afterwards we went down to Soho for the opening of Arcadia Fine Arts' Small Works Show - Sadie had a beautiful piece in the show - entitled "The Wave" - pictured below: