Saturday, April 19, 2008

Velib', Diane lib'.

It occurred to me at some point late in the day that I hadn't noticed a greater quantity of bicycles around, even though they've implemented that Velib' (free bike) system throughout the city... not five minutes later, of course, I nearly stumbled over a whole fleet of them right near St. Michel, et voilà:

Hopefully people actually use them...

Most of the day I did some errands and ambled about. After doing some errands at BHV Homme (sock shopping! for a certain homme back at home) I exited the store and immediately was dripped on from above by some unidentified liquid... yuck. To my relief, I realized it was just water from this weird garden-on-the-wall fixture they've rigged up on the front wall of the building housing BHV Homme, look:

Truly bizarre but decidedly cool. Even when it leaks onto your head.

In the evening I was going to go see a movie, but Saturday night = long lines. I get impatient, so I opted to do some more walking and enjoying of a lovely Paris evening. Here's a shot I took of ole Notre Dame before indulging in some Berthillon:

Et maintenant, au lit...


Okay. I have managed to resolve the connectivity issues I was having at my rental apartment. Huzzah! Really, I’ve never met a technological problem I couldn’t solve by turning stuff off and then back on again. And then sleeping for 10 hours. I’m a mechanical wizard, really.

Did some errands after my arrival yesterday, which involved trekking around by Métro. I love the ongoing commentary by way of the graffiti on the ads in the subway stations. For example:

Ah, France. It’s good to be back.