Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New! York! City! Again.

Hey, I've been sick - some kind of allergies, maybe? Not sure - but in any case, it's been laying me kind of low. Grr. I did manage to pull it together enough to go up to New York on Saturday to see some art,though. Yeah! Specifically, I was wanting to go to the opening of friend and San Francisco artist Jennifer Poon's show at Claire Oliver Gallery in Chelsea. Great stuff!! Here's a sample, one of my favorite pieces:
Whiteout, watercolor, gouache on cut paper, silk ribbons, thread, 51" x 37", by Jennifer Poon

We also headed to DFN Gallery to see the Alyssa Monks show... here are some pics:

Paintings at DFN Gallery, by Alyssa Monks.

Yay for awesome painting! Thank you, NYC.