Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long time no post.

Oh my, it's been a while since I've posted. Oops. Meant to do this every day, but things have gotten busy... work, paintings, painting commissions, the NBA Finals. Yeah. In this particular instance my New England heritage trumps my 9 years in California, and therefore I'm hoping the Celtics pull this one through. WHOOOOOO!!

Also last week: my grandmother would have been 91 on the 4th. Makes me think about time lost, and regrets, and how tragic it is that she passed on just on the cusp of starting a new life, really. Moral of the story: really, there are many. In any event, I miss her, and wish there could have been more time.

Time = the enemy.

We also had our June First Friday at the studio. Good turnout, I think both because of the CAM show and also the Scavenger Hunt that was part of First Friday that night. I still don't know who won, nor what the clue was at our studio. Alas.

Speaking of painting and such, I feel certain that this fellow should feature in a painting at some point: