Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a draw.

Finally went to the long pose drawing session over at Artspace this morning, now that it's the last session until the fall (drat!). I should get in the swing of going to the Tuesday night drawing sessions there, even if they don't have terribly long poses - it's been entirely too long since I've drawn, and especially from life. Sigh. Here's what I came up with - unfortunately, I still felt like I was battling the same old drawing demons, though I had a *minor* mental breakthrough on some level which I hope works its way into my drawings soon...
I also headed over to the Bain Project to check it out, and also over to Rebus Works - lots of good stuff there, including the Casey Porn/David Eichenberger show "Epic Battle." Good stuff, Raleigh art scene. I will miss you. Sniff.