Monday, May 25, 2009

Philadelphia photo roundup.

Here are some more photos from the phabulous Philly experience:
A groovy mural, one of many in the city, likely a project of the awesome Mural Arts Program in Philly.

More cool Philly art: leftover part of an art installation for this month's First Friday event, up under the train trestle around 11th and Vine - beautiful little teeny lanterns. Apparently on First Friday it was accompanied by a mini-performance of people "playing" water glasses under there in the tunnel, for a unique acoustic effect.

Doron's cat, channeling the Crazy and going all postal on my handbag. Yipe.

I cannot - repeat, cannot - resist a turret. This one is in Northern Liberties, and I want it.

More turret, because I can't get enough.

Doron and a random mop lurking behind him.

FASTERMAN!!!! A.k.a. MILO. He's got a helmet in case he goes too fast.

More cool, old, urban, crusty architecture from Philly. I love it. Click on the image and check out the cool shape above each doorway - is there a name for that treatment? Let me know if you know....

Father/son negotiations underway.

On the way back up to NYC. I will always, always love this sign - it manages to be simultaneously boastful and whiny: Come ooooonnn, World, I always make you great things, and you always take, take, take, you never call, you never write, blah blah blah...