Wednesday, April 11, 2012

L'exposition "Expedition"

Because I'm certain I haven't posted enough about it yet, I'm going to remind you-all out there on the Internets that "The Expedition and Beyond" is opening this Friday, April 13, at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA! Check out Principle's blog post on the show at this link, and the image below, an ad featured in this month's edition of American Art Collector:

Aaaaaaand... there is more! We also have an article in this month's American Art Collector - here's a sneak peek:

Some of my fellow artists in the exhibition have written about the upcoming exhibition - we're all looking forward to it, and to seeing you there!!
Alexandra Tyng's blog
Alia El-Bermani's blog
Carly Strickland's blog
Katherine Stone's blog
Linda Tracey Brandon's blog
Sadie Valeri's blog
Terry Strickland's blog

MORE! Here are some kindly other writers and artists who have posted regarding the show:
Matthew Innis
Paula O'Brien
Tricia Ratliff