Monday, March 21, 2011

Sprick in the spring.

Hello there! Spring is finally here, and my chilly fingers are thawing out and here to bring you some more blog-related goodness. The latest: a quick trip up to NYC (again), this time to re-visit the Sorolla murals at the Hispanic Society with friend and fellow painter Alia El-Bermani, and to check out some gallery shows, including the opening for the Daniel Sprick exhibition at Arcadia Fine Arts. Here's a quick photo recap:

Artist friends Greg Baldwin and Alia El-Bermani in front of the Sorolla murals at the Hispanic Society

Time, 12"x12" oil on panel painting by Justin Taylor, found at Eleanor Ettinger's gallery location in Chelsea
Man in Profile, oil on panel, 5"x7", by Zack Zdrale, also found at Eleanor Ettinger

I finally got to see a painting by Lucong in person - this one is Tabitha #8, oil on panel, 18"x18", found at Gallery Henoch
This one is a David Kassan piece - Artist's Mother, oil on paper on panel, 25" x 24", also found at Gallery Henoch

We ended the trip with the opening of Daniel Sprick's show "Flesh and Bone" at Arcadia Fine Arts - a combination of mind-blowingly good still lifes, figurative paintings and interior scenes.