Wednesday, August 5, 2009

District o' Columbia, part deux.

As promised! Here are some more photos from the DC leg of the trip:

Sort of like Zazie in Zazie dans le Métro, I love a good Metro. (Fortunately I have better luck than poor Zazie in actually getting to the Metro.) Despite its recent (fatal!) failings, I still love the DC Metro... overall - horrible accidents aside - it's relatively efficient, clean and user-friendly. An added bonus is that it has this almost science-fiction-y, hyper-futuristic look which somehow never gets old to me. A bold vision of the future! Behold:
Diane dans le Métro:
And we can't forget DC's role as our nation's capital, no? Look! Gub'mint:
And hey! I ran into our First Lady. All over the city, in fact:
And as for other political/historical DC figures, here's a really waxy Lincoln for you (in the window of Madame Tussaud's);
Not really a political figure (unless you count any influence over ole JFK, of course), but certainly one of great historical import (I suppose) lording over Woodley Park/Connecticut Avenue:
Something cool that I had forgotten about in the Phillips Collection: they have an early self-portrait by Piet Mondrian, probably best known nowadays for these geometric paintings... but it's done in an entirely different style, seen here:
Oh, and this tiny Ingres gem is in the Phillips, too – this photo, alas, does not remotely do justice to its glow, however. Go see it for yourself!!
Okay, moving on to Philly and NYC in my next posts. Stay tuned! More Art and assorted stuff to come.