Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adieu, 7 rue Dupin.

With much sadness, it was time to vacate my lovely apartment in Paris this morning. Sadness! It was a great place, the owner is awesome, and if you are ever in the need of a petite studio in Paris (for one or two people max), I can give you the owner’s contact info. Good stuff.

Tonight I fly into Nuremberg, and in the meantime, I’m hanging with my classmates Linda and Susan:

Ah, Paris. More interesting street art:

This could potentially be street art, but I suspect it's more likely that it is an accident that this mannequin is lying on the ground. Since the standing mannequin in the front bears a resemblance to Naomi Campbell, however, I prefer to think that this is a mock scenario wherein Naomi-mannequin has smacked down her rival mannequin (likely with a cell phone). This would add some drama to the scene:
Will I ever tire of drippy, touristy, trite photos of the Seine? Answer: no.
I made it, safe and sound, to Nuernberg via the heinosity of the RER and via Air Berlin (less heinous). Here’s a self-portrait in the mirror of my hotel room in downtown Nuernberg:
bis morgen...