Sunday, May 24, 2009

Phun in Philly.

I traveled down to Philadelphia on Saturday. Was supposed to go see Greg's latest paintings at his studio, but these plans fell through, alas... I did get to see Alex in his studio next door, though, and then another painter friend in the same building. Excellent painters, all, and good people too – here I am in in Alex's studio, and then Tom in his own studio:
Death by Art.

Tom in his studio.

Tom's art in Tom's studio.

Later that evening another friend and I were at a party and I met an artist who went through the MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute but who now teaches at Tyler School of Art in Philly. She has some really interesting work, and it looks tremendously painstaking - large in size and done predominantly in ink, often ballpoint pen. Good stuff, check her out – her name is Samantha Simpson.

Earlier today (Sunday) I went to visit some friends from college who I haven't seen in over a decade (yipes!) – it's a shame that we lost touch for a bit there, alas. Anyway, they live in the northern 'burbs of Philadelphia these days, and I had no idea that area was such lush, and beautiful, and green, and full of turn-of the century houses, and all chock full of charm, and such – here's an example:

Wyncote, PA: luscious.