Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I haven’t yet mentioned the horrific unfolding of the Libby Mystery Wound saga, most of which transpired while I was away in Europe. Basically, our dear roommate and fiercest feline compadre Libby acquired some manner of odd skin lesion/wound/crater which festered and blossomed to heinous, pus-filled proportions. Our vet hypothesized that this may be the result of a brown recluse spider bite, but I tend to disbelieve this theory; that spider must have been the size of my head to be able to leave a wound that enormous; even after the worst was over, after my return to the States when her wound was “healing”, she still had a seeping hole in her side that you could drive a truck through. It was, hands down, the most disgusting putrefaction of flesh I have ever to witness, surely along the lines of Civil War injuries. Gangrenous hideousness. Given the level of horror, I will refrain from posting a photo here; and please, don’t worry, she’s definitely healing up nicely (though not prettily). Though she does look cute in her little collar, designed to keep her from that perennial evil of picking (or, in her case, licking) her scab. Behold, Her Fanciness: