Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three is the magic number.

Okay. So the past week has seen the Trifecta of Suckitude, what with the following:

    1. We found out that we actually *owe* the Feds on our taxes this year, instead of getting a refund. Sucky.
    2. Shortly after finding this out, I sprained my ankle tripping over some junk on the sidewalk in downtown Raleigh, running to catch a TTA bus. Grrrr. Double suck.
    3. I received my 90 millionth rejection from New American Paintings. Voilà, triple suck.

Despite all this, I am going to try *try* TRY to conjure all of my glass-half-full thoughts, the last shreds of any optimism I may have once possessed, and be happy about the following:

    1. My awesome painter friend Sadie started a cool new blog of work by contemporary women painters, take a look-see:
    2. I recently got myself a T-shirt by Raleigh artist Casey Porn (yes, that's her real name), and I'm super-duper happy about it.
    3. We're going to be in Seattle this weekend, which I'm very curious about. Whoo!! Trip!!!

More soon, including photos and our impressions of the yonder Pacific Northwest...