Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Glass fully half-empty.

Things that have been good of late:
1. Carolina Rollergirls bout on 4/11/09. Yes, their butts were whupped by both the Philly Rollergirls and the Austin, TX team, but Ladies, you are still winners in my book. Go Carolina Rollergirls! Woot!

2. Neko Case at Memorial Auditorium on 4/7/09. Neko, you are perfect and I love you. And man, whatta voice. Sigh.

3. Thanks to the awesomeness and generosity of my former studiomate Shaun, who gave me a groovy book on artists' materials and techniques (yes, I'm woefully ignorant about these things, it's true), I have learned how to marouflage – very simply, how to glue fabric to (wood or other) panel for painting support purposes. So far, my trial samples seem to be working out well, once I have some time to actually finish priming them and such, then *maybe* I will actually find the time to paint on them as well. Whooyeah!

Little marouflaged panels, which I shall one day paint upon. Fabric comes from French Connections in Pittsboro, North Carolina, an awesome place with awesome fabric (among other things).

Things that have been not-so-good of late:
1. Raleigh drivers, who are surely going to kill both John and I as we walk to work one of these days. Good God. If this blog goes un-updated for an extended period of time, please know that it is because I have been mowed down mercilessly by a clueless driver all hopped up on Bojangle's fried chicken. Until people learn to look both ways before peeling out into traffic or around a corner or anywhere, really, we the pedestrians of Raleigh are doomed.

2. Our refrigerator, which died an extremely untimely death. We currently appear to be living under the rule of Murphy's law when it comes to all things home-related, probably because we are trying to sell our place and move back to California. This, I understand, is the time when everything will go wrong and be costly and painful. Let the seller beware, or something...? Caveat venditor, baby.

3. The most recent Depeche Mode album ("Sounds of the Universe"). Now, to be fair, I need to give it another listen... if I can stand it. Man, is this a lousy album. Yipes. I think they were trying a *wee* bit too hard, and they ended up kind of tripping over themselves. Alas. Though I must admit the video for the song "Wrong" is good, in a deliciously disturbing sort of way. See it for yourself here.