Friday, June 5, 2009

Art recommendations - Raleigh/Triangle Area.

As usual, I have some art favorites I'd like to suggest that you check out - in this particular case, the geographical focus is the Triangle area of NC: Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill. Check it out:

Tonight is First Friday, and I think I will be lazy by directing you to New Raleigh's roundup/overview of the evening's events; however, I do want to highlight two exhibits which are only touched upon in their overview: be sure to check out Daniel Allegrucci's woodcuts at Morning Times on Hargett Street, and Gretchen Morrissey's show of prints Seed + Pollen + Nectar in the lobby at Artspace on Davie Street.

Also: if you are in need of something fun to do this Sunday from 1-3 in the afternoon, come on over to check out an exhibition of recent paintings by excellent artist and fellow Bryn Mawr alum Annemarie Gugelmann at Open Eye Café in Carrboro, NC (just west of Chapel Hill). Annemarie will be exhibiting a series of paintings of San Francisco, which of course melts my little heart, left high on a hill... here's a sample of one:

From Bernal 6, 30" x 40", oil on canvas, 2009, $380 (wow!! a steal!!) by Annemarie Gugelmann.
Exhibition entitled Images of San Francisco will be at Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro from June 1 - June 31, 2009; opening reception is Sunday, June 7th between 1-3PM.

Lions and tigers and bears. Or, just lions.

Yipes - my in-laws just found this poster up in their neighborhood - actually, right next to their house - in northern California (Sonoma County):
Just when you think a rogue possum or pesky raccoon is bad... thank your lucky stars you don't have a mountain lion roaming into your backyard.