Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grupo de dibujo.

I'm still on the search for a good drawing group, but I might have found a suitable one – the right combination of location, timing, vibe, so forth. Love the Sunday Open Studio sessions at Studio Incamminati, but Sundays are the time when I tend to get a lot of my own painting done... so I haven't made it back to that session in weeks and weeks. I liked the portrait session at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, but it was during the weekday – having a "day job" kind of rules out that option. Alas. There's one I've been meaning to try at another artist's studio on Saturdays, but I'm always busy during that time, too. So, I found a good drawing group on Tuesday nights at painter Mark Bullen’s studio near Rittenhouse Square – after work but not too late, 2 hours, good model, nice studio, good vibes, good group. Yay! I'll post some drawings from these sessions once I have something show-able...
Visit this link for more information on the Rittenhouse Drawing Group.