Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drawing group.

Lately I've been going to this really awesome drawing group here in Philly at the studio of painter/sculptor Angela Cunningham. Here's a sketch from last week's session - I'm trying to decide whether I will try to do a painting of this same pose over the next 3 weeks of this pose... hmmm.

sketch of model, 4 hours, charcoal and white chalk on toned paper


I'm about ready to turn in the brushes for the night, but first, let me post a couple of quick pics from the Portrait Society of America conference from last weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Good times! Good people! Great sessions with some great artists. All around a great event, I'm glad I joined the Society and happy to have attended the conference and met some wonderful people. Next year the conference will be held right here in my own backyard (so to speak), in Philadelphia, PA. Hurray!

More painters! L-R: Alexandra Tyng, Terry Strickland, me.

Yet more painters! L-R, back row first: Sadie Valeri, me, Terry Strickland, Alia El-Bermani, Cindy Procious

Painting by Tony Ryder from the "Face Off" portrait painting competition

My favorite piece from Atlanta's High Museum, the last painting by artist Joseph De Camp.

(this photo courtesy of Anne Nelson Sweat).