Sunday, November 16, 2008


Once again, falling behind on things. Sigh.

I had intended to get some things done downtown yesterday, and participate in this protest, but alas - felled by a headache likely due to crazy low pressure systems causing tornadoes and such across the state, I missed it, and am very bummed out. It also means that I had to go downtown to do some errands and studio re-configuration on a Sunday, which means taking a cab - no damn busses on a Sunday. Thank you Raleigh! So convenient, really.

Despite my Raleigh public transportation-related gripes, last weekend John and I engaged in a full-force effort to re-discover the positive things about Raleigh and the Triangle region generally, as we hung out with friends who are in the middle of transition and possibly looking for a new place in which to settle themselves. John and I hope they will re-settle here, which would definitely make Raleigh more appealing to us!! In the meantime, since we were trying to sell them on the place, we took them to Morning Times. Good ole Morning Times:

In other Raleigh-based news and art-related news, my studiomate and I partially moved ourselves into our new studio at 311 West Martin Street - at least more or less - in time for First Friday this month. (For those of you who are keeping track, YES, it's the third studio I've been in within the same building - 311 West Martin - since last December. What can I say? I crave change.) Here's a glimpse of the stuff I put on the walls, pretty much the same stuff I had up out in San Francisco in mid-October:
311 West Martin Street Galleries and Studios
Happily, one of these recent "fabrication" paintings sold (to a very good home, yay) - one of my favorites, the following:
global warming will bring us together, oil on printed fabric, 2008, 12"x12", by me, Diane Feissel