Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Perhaps the most annoying thing about being sick last week was that I wasn't able to get it together to apply to the city arts commission for a show at the Block Gallery in downtown Raleigh as I had intended. I tried to get as much info together as I could last weekend, but I lacked the energy to pull the last of the required materials together before we left for Massachusetts this past weekend. Alas. Sigh. Well, maybe I will have the opportunity again in two years.


In better news, I'm feeling waaaay better, and had a great weekend up in Massachusetts at our cousin’s wedding. Voila, some photos:

Here's little Miss J. – I may have eventually won her over (temporarily) with some good ole peek-a-boo, but for the bulk of the weekend she eyed us with extreme suspicion, like so:

Cutest! Couple! Ever! And the bestest man of the weekend's festivities:
And this one is for Gary: BLOGGED!
More soon.