Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beyond "The Expedition and Beyond"

Oh Internet, I am so giddy with happiness after a weekend spent with my fabulous fellow artists of “The Expedition and Beyond” exhibition down in Alexandria, Virginia… first, at the opening, then afterwards on a mini painting retreat out in semi-rural Pennsylvania. Ahhhh!!! Here are some photos from the opening:

 Steve Kantor and Alexandra Tyng

 Principle Gallery client and Rachel Constantine

 Sadie Valeri, Ali Ringenburg, Rachel Constantine

 Terry Strickland with the collectors who now own her painting of "The Three Fates" for which Sadie Valeri, Alia El-Bermani and myself were models

 Sadie Valeri, Alia El-Bermani, Rachel Constantine, Stefani Tewes

 Sadie Valeri, Diane Feissel, Alia El-Bermani, Rachel Constantine, Stefani Tewes

 My painting of Rachel Constantine at left, at right the painting of me (and a kitten) by Alia El-Bermani

 Angela Cunningham, Alia El-Bermani, Shannon Runquist

 Mario Robinson with a self-portrait by Rachel Constantine

 Diana Cobb Anstey and Alexandra Tyng

 Alia El-Bermani, Rachel Constantine, Stefani Tewes and Angela Cunningham

 Katherine Lofft and Rachel Constantine

 Cindy Procious and Mario Robinson

 Mia and Veronique Bergeron

 Cindy Procious and Linda Tracey Brandon

 Terry and Carly Strickland

Mia Bergeron and Cindy Procious