Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Art of the Mozartkugeln.

Happy new discovery: I found this great international magazine vendor in West Philly, out at Penn: Avril 50. In addition to having heaps and heaps of harder-to-find international and art magazines in stock, they also have some international snacks: behold, the truly divine Mozartkugeln:
... no one can resist the Mozartkugeln! (Cue Pete Schwedde here)

OK. And now for some art-related content here, which you may think I had forgotten, what with all this swooning over Philadelphia's urban delights and such. Well, here's a complicated one, because it involves potentially shady dealings to acquire yet more urban delights for Philadelphia in the form of a highly valuable art collection: (you still with me? ok.) we saw the film "The Art of the Steal" last Friday night, about the decades-long saga of the Barnes Foundation, its (mis-?)handling over the years since Albert Barnes' passing, and the eventual planned relocation of the collection from wealthy suburb to downtown Philadelphia. The film is a good watch – somewhat biased, of course, but possibly for good reason – and definitely raises some creepy questions about... well, lots of things, really – go see it for yourself.