Monday, September 20, 2010


You may actually know this already, dear reader, whoever you are, but I would like to share with you nonetheless that Philadelphia is chock full of really great artists. I say this here because I feel as though Philly and its awesome residents don’t always get their due. So let's give them their due, shall we? We shall do.

Always a source for great discoveries, I stopped by Artists' House gallery over the weekend, here in Philly's Old City neighborhood. The last time I was there, I fell in love with the work of painter Patrick Crofton; this time around, I was blown away by the work of painterSamuel Evensen. I love low-contrast studies in white, and this guy delivers the goods with some serious skill:

Snow, 10" x 10.5", oil painting by Samuel Evensen

Also excellent to see was a show by Philadelphia artist Asya Livshits at PII Gallery in Old City:

Girl with Cat by painter Asya Livshits
More posts on this front to follow, no doubt, Stay tuned. And – come to Philly and see some art, fer chrissake!