Monday, September 28, 2009


In the process of cleaning, weeding out stuff, re-organizing my closet, and packing - all in anticipation of eventually moving, of course - I ran across some drawings that I frankly didn't think I had hung on to. Surprise! There they were, hiding in my closet. Most of them are just sketches and studies from figure drawing sessions of years past... tons and tons of them, not all good. I also ran across these two sketches I did from life of myself and John, though... the one of John is undated, unfortunately, but probably comes from around the time of the self-portrait, which is dated in early 2001. So, for your amusement:
Early 2000s charcoal sketch of John by me, Diane Feissel
2001 graphite self-portrait sketch, with a decidedly over-emphasized chin... we can't win them all, folks.