Monday, April 28, 2008

Les Puces.

Spent Sunday doing social things around the city, and it was damn fine weather to do so. Fortunately. Went to the Marché aux Puces at St. Ouen with Susan and Linda from class... glad we went but it was something of a disappointment. Lots of lame/crappy/cheaply made/gangsta clothes and then beyond that lots of pricey antiques – little in between. Maybe I’ll try the one at Montreuil in the future, or some of the brocantes. Anyway, here are some photos nonetheless:

Diane et les mecs:

At Les Puces:

Les Puces:

Doll at Les Puces with a rather disturbing inner movement curve:

The view from Susan and Linda’s apartment in Montmartre:

Later I caught up with cousins and aunts and went out to dinner on the Ile St. Louis. Somehow it seems one cannot go wrong with the Ile St. Louis. That’s a good île.

La famille: