Monday, July 19, 2010

Los lobos.

If you're a fellow northern hemisphere inhabitant, you may have noticed that it is summertime. As such, it has been hot, and under such conditions I find it difficult to focus on much other than having fun and taking one's mind off the heat. Now, I definitely have fun while painting – don't get me wrong – but keeping a tight working schedule with my painting has just not been happening in this weather. The mind wanders, the body moves with great slowness. The mind moves with great slowness. The body moves toward the nearest cold beverage (or the nearest purveyor of fine ice creams). All this to say, painting is going very, very slowly. Yet, there is inspiration a-plenty here in Philly and beyond... most recently, I have found some splendid nature-based inspiration, found at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania. Wolves! Definitely expect to see some in my paintings in the future:

Also of interest: the Amish! Endlessly fascinating, and perplexing. Especially perplexing are the Amish dolls for sale at The Amish Village: spooky.