Friday, May 2, 2008

Diane dans le Métro.

Have I mentioned that I love the Paris Métro? With a wild, unfettered passion? Love it. Of course, I realize fully that my enchantment with its efficiency and scope would diminish considerably if I had to, say, ride it every day to work, or - God forbid - be at the mercy of RATP worker strikes in the middle of winter or some such. But for now, the Métro and I are still in a honeymoon phase.

Look, someone even left me a snack here on the train platform:

Apartments are pricey in Paris, but perhaps they could let me stay in this little room off the Metro platform? It appears to be empty, unused - completely unclaimed real estate, I say. Would make for convenient commuting:
On my way to the 20th, at Pelleport station:
Sèvres-Babylone station at night:
Hanging out with Kung Fu panda at Pigalle: