Thursday, August 6, 2009

Philly = Phabulous!

Onward to Philadelphia and NY!
Let's start with Philly, City of Brotherly Love. And maybe Mayoral love, too: below is a mural in South Philadelphia/the Italian Market area of Frank Rizzo, much-revered-and-reviled mayor of Philly back in the '70s:
Here's some more 2-D wall art, this one at 11th and Chestnut. Apparently it is always sunny in Philadelphia... sunny side up, that is.
Here's another mural (there are tons of them, thanks to the awesomeness of the Philly Mural Arts Program), this time up at Chestnut and... 8th or 9th or so, I think? Trying to pretty up that parking lot, see.
Here are some of Philadelphia's finest people (at the Random Tea Room in Northern Liberties)... unfortunately they're headed for Baltimore in the coming week. Oof!
John and I took a quick dive into the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts... I've been in there a gazillion times before, but I always enjoy another look. Unfortunately I apparently misunderstood their peculiar no-photo policy, however, and got hollered at by a guard. Not before taking these photos though!! Wah-ha-ha!!
More public art in Philly: a strange, elaborate and vaguely disturbing graffiti piece in Fairmount Park:
Mr. Skeleton emerging from the sand outside the South Philadelphia Boat Show (a local art collective) exhibit down in... South Philadelphia, of course.
A lone balloon wafting outside the South Philadelphia Boat Show exhibit...
Here's the band "Jews and Catholics" from good ole Winston-Salem, NC, playing a backyard set at a friend-of-a-friend's place in Fishtown/Kensington, in Philly. NC represent!!
Two-headed monster (not sure which one) guarding over the party.
And now for some food: tamale-making at aforementioned house party:
Two of the best people on earth, at one of the best restaurants on earth (Beau Monde):
Quel horreur! A defenseless bagel, ripped apart into a million pieces. Such savagery!
A surprise treat: did you know they made a Rosie O'Donnell doll? Me neither. And yet, here it is – already an antique, apparently, as it is for sale in Antiquarian's Delight, the little antiques mall on South 6th Street at South Street. I'm sure Rosie would be heartened to know that she is considered an antique.
Here's the Incredible MAX, very new to this world at just 3 months out of the belly. Max's lovely mommy is in the background, but Max seems more focused on making sure the paparazzi get his best angle:
Alas, there's nothing sadder than a dawg left behind. Especially when they do that sad thing with their ears. Sigh.
Next up: the time in NYC, including time spent checking out the Frick Collection as well as the "Female Gaze" exhibition at Cheim & Read. Stay tuned!