Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm still around. Just caught up in a whirl of holiday, and vacation, and being sick. Whatever is going around, I got it - and it laid me low for about 2 weeks. For a while there, I was bound to the couch with a pack of tissues, chicken soup and but now I'm slowly getting back to the usual routine, including work and painting. No real updates painting-wise right at the moment, therefore, but perhaps I can entertain you with a few photos from a brief Philadelphia trip we took before the holidays? Here, I'll try:
Here's a tidbit from Reading Terminal... I'm still dying to know, WHERE IS JUAN???
I love this graphic from the airport bathroom: why do they feel they need to show you a baby's butt? In case you get confused as to what end of the baby to change?
We encountered some sort of drunken Santa convention on Walnut Street. Freakish.
That's it for now - more once I'm back up and in the usual groove...