Friday, June 11, 2010

Week recap.

...aaaaand it's been a busy one over here... started my first week of class at the Alliance Francaise (finally!), got back into the rhythm of the weekly sketching group over at Mark Bullen's studio, finally tried out Honey's Sit 'N' Eat, went to check out local drag diva Martha Graham Cracker's cabaret show at L'Etage, and attended my first dinner meeting at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, featuring a talk by illustrator Gene Barretta. All good stuff! I'm exhausted. Philly, you wear me out - but I love you. SMOOCH.

Oh yeah, and I've been doing some painting, too - here's a new one in progress (one of many):

Painting-in-progress, by me. Oil on canvas, 20"x16".