Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recommended viewing!

Last evening I had the good fortune – thanks to the lovely and talented Alex – to be at a presentation by painter David Shevlino at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. David presented and discussed his most recent (self-produced!) painting demo DVD – and it was really quite well-done. I'm positive that I can't describe it more aptly than Lisa Gloria did in her review found on Art Studio Secrets, so I will urge you to read her review... also, you can preview this most recent video (among other painting demos by David) on his YouTube channel at this link. If you see that and become as much of a Shevlino fan as I did and decide to buy his most recent video, you can do so at this link. Highly recommended!

He has also inspired me to give Galkyd another try – the few times I've used it I was turned off by its stickiness, but I'm newly hopeful that I can keep that aspect of the medium under control with a little more solvent in the mix. Fingers crossed.

Here's a demo David did of a painting of Sumo wrestlers: