Monday, March 22, 2010

N! Y! C!

A day in NYC!
Had to check out the first phase of the High Line, which is kind of New York's answer to Paris' Promenade plantée:
It's basically just a walking/jogging path and a garden up on the old railroad trestle, but yet interestingly integrated with the buildings surrounding it... we definitely need one of these in Philadelphia.
Hey, I finally figured out what that castle-like edifice in Central Park is all about... it's Belvedere Tower, click this link for more info... here's a view of the park from the tower:
And the tower itself, all towering over Central Park:
So as usual, I eventually found myself at the Met... and I was checking out the Temple of Dendur in the Egyptian section... and whoa, check it out, there's 19th century graffiti on the walls!! Check out "Leondardo" here, leaving his tag back in 1820:
Here's a little sketch I did in the Met's European sculpture section - been meaning to try working on toned paper with charcoal (actually graphite here) and white chalk, thought I'd give it a stab in the Met:
And here are two reasons to miss Raleigh: