Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm going to distract myself from the nerve-wrackingness of today, Election Day, and take some time to review some good things from the weekend before last, which I was too lazy to post about at the time.

We got to see (and hear, in fact) Paula Poundstone at the Carolina Theatre in Durham back on the 24th... I even got my book signed, yay!

It's the second time we’ve seen her this year – we also went to see her in Greensboro in January. You can never have too much Paula Poundstone in your year, in my opinion.

Since we had rented a car to get to Durham, we kept it for the rest of the weekend and went to the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University to see the "El Greco to Velasquez" show of early 17th century Spanish painters. I have to give Bank of America some props, despite my earlier rant against them, for their sponsorship of this exhibition and therefore for saving me $6 on our admission price when using my BofA card. Whooo! I won’t spend that $6 all in one place, don’t worry.

So anyway, it was a good show, even if there were too many damn people (damn people!!) getting in my way and preventing me from hanging out in front of some of the paintings as long as I would like... such as the Ribera, for example. I was also fond of this one, however – love that still life action, gorgeous!

Unfortunately photos are FORBIDDEN in the Nasher and especially in the special exhibition; but I snuck one in from the front door (and managed not to get busted by any security guards, yesss) of that giant latex head. I love it.
Overall, a decent Durham experience. Thanks, Durham.

P.S. This was on the side of the road on the way into the Nasher. Random hubcap or art installation? You decide: