Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Two things that suck:

TTA (or "Triangle Transit Authority"). Bus 23 minutes late. Not unusual. Come on, guys. When you're that late, why bother having a schedule? Jesus Frickin' Christ. And nice of you to charge $2 for the pleasure of waiting in 95 degree weather for your chronically late buses. Nice job. Keep up the good work.

Bank of America. Big, honking megaloconglomorate of a bank can't even get its sh*t together to have a database big enough for all of its customers; apparently accounts opened in California are on a different database and thus said Bank tends to treat its CA-account-owning customers in a ridiculous fashion, as if both arms of the same bank can't communicate with one another. If you call yourself Bank of AMERICA, my guess is that you should configure yourselves to serve residents of the WHOLE ENTIRE COUNTRY in the same way, not to mention since people in AMERICA tend to move frequently and hence might have the need to easily and without 18 kinds of idiocy access their own accounts, which they opened in California, which last time I checked is still part of AMERICA.


Rant over. Good night.

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Sadie Jernigan Valeri said...

On Bank of America - We can top you - Northern California is even a different "arm" from Southern CA!!
Before we met my husband opened his B of A account in Southern California when he lived there, I opened my account here in Northern California. Now that we are married they won't let us link accounts! They say he'd have to close his Southern CA account and re-open one in Northern CA for us to be able to truly link them.

Any don't let's even get started on their decrepit 10-year-old online banking interface...