Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In which I sing the praises of Paris.

Ah, this city, it just never stops being great. And by great, I mean Great. And by Great I mean beautiful, bustling, inspiring, dramatic, mundane, historic, contemporary, and everything in between. Just the other night I walked back to my apartment from the Concorde Métro station at around 10pm, and I was just bowled over by the dark, silent beauty of the walk home. Few people, little traffic, just a quiet moment between me and Paris.

Now for some photos of this city of supreme awesomeness:

the side of St. Eustache, near Les Halles
"Happy" is a great name for a flower shop... Rue des Martyrs, 9th arrondissement.
Sacre Coeur is visible peeking through the streets way above at Montmartre; here I am on the Rue Lafitte headed south.
On le pont de la Concorde, facing our old friend the Eiffel Tower. At night. Ah!
Ok, more soon.