Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sosta. with teeth.

We finally made it over to another spot of Raleigh awesomeness today: Sosta Café, located in downtown, right near Artspace, at the corner of East Davie Street and Wilmington. SO! YUMMY! Plus, the owner has a great apartment for rent in Avignon, France, and is having a raffle drawing for a free week there. Whooooo!!! Naturally, we entered that drawing. Overall, good menu - you can see it on their website – and the folks working in the café are great, and friendly, and they make a thoroughly excellent hot chocolate. I really, really hope they stick to this schedule of being open on Saturday... I will therefore probably be there every Saturday. Mmmm, hot chocolate.

Also: we finally saw the movie "Teeth."

It was actually better than I anticipated, though gruesome, though probably especially gruesome and creepy for male viewers. There were some angles of it plot-wise which surprised me, some were overly simplistic; overall a mixed bag, but a good one.

Did that make sense? Oh, just go see the movie yourself.