Friday, May 9, 2008

The last days of Paris in the springtime.

Spent the day getting some last errands and last delights of Paris in, before I leave for good next Tuesday (sniff). Graffiti, as always, had much amusement to contribute to my day... this one projected a rather bleak sentiment, “this world is destroying us.”
…while this one was decidedly more upbeat: “have fun.”
Here’s a particularly unwelcoming front door on the rue Vieille du Temple:
This, by contrast, is one of the more welcoming places in the Marais – Celis, a boutique selling handmade alpaca sweaters. Cozy.
I usually try to avoid its touristy-ness and crowdedness, but I went up to Montmartre to look for some fabric:
And, of course, I went back to the Louvre tonight to draw. Ah, the Louvre: