Monday, January 18, 2010

Short long weekend.

Oh man. Where did this (long, allegedly) weekend go? Man, that went by quickly. Fortunately, thanks to Philly’s awesomeness, it was full of goodness. This was the first weekend of the Farmer's Market at the Piazza at Schmidt's, which coincided nicely with A. the first weekend of decent weather this year and B. the first weekend that I have felt relatively normal since coming down with a cold the week before last. Gah. So, tissue stash in tow, we ambled down to the Piazza and were pleasantly surprised – good vendors, good turnout. Pic below:

John and I also did some exploring in West Philly, including Woodlands Cemetery (photos soon). And yes, some painting got done this weekend as well – but everything's still in-progress, so no photos yet, sorry. In the meantime, enjoy this cow painting I did back about 2 years ago, inspired by the charmant cows of Sanzay, France: