Monday, September 8, 2008

Okay. The NYC review.

Ok - I'm trying to take a deep breath and get over it, and move on, and vote with my brain in November. There's not much more to be done, and I will acquire ridiculously high blood pressure if I don't just let it go. Fwooosh.
In the meantime, here are some photos from last weekend's brief time in NYC:
Me and John in the subway: Christopher Street station.
Face on building. East Village.
Evolution in Soho: a store that manages to be cool and creepy and cool and sad and fascinating and terrifying and gross and great and borderline unethical and utterly awesome - all at the same time.
Awesome cat in Bleecker Street Records. Mmmmmm, cat.
Mmmm nice! Bleecker Street Records.
Love the subway tilework. Plus, seeing this always puts the Simon & Garfunkel song in my head. Mmmm.
S.'s awesome hat...
After 9 years in California, NYC looks deliciously old. Mmmmmm, old.
Here's us on the way back to the Philadelphia airport, on SEPTA. Beware "Slippery Rail Season," by the way. Beware!!