Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paddle around Seattle.

Okay! We're back. Seattle was great – what a cute, cute city that is. Actually, "cute" is hardly an apt descriptor, considering the city center is, in fact, much denser, larger and more cosmopolitan than I was expecting. Overall it's a really pleasant place... though of course I can't speak for the experience of people who have to live there gray, drizzly day after gray, drizzly day... something tells me that probably gets old FAST. As for myself, I would have a sinus headache 24/7 what with all the low-pressure systems hanging around.
I hear summers are lovely, though!

Here are some photos:

Seattle Public Library. Wacky!!
Guess what? They like coffee here. Did you know?
Groovy ironwork down at Pioneer Square.
You know what? I already posted a lot of my photos on Facebook, can I just direct you there? Thanks. Click here to access the album. More info tomorrow on the Frye Museum...