Sunday, May 16, 2010

s p r i n g

Philadelphia looks great in the spring! Let's take a look:
Here's a view of the Delaware River (and New Jersey) from Penn Treaty Park, up here in Fishtown. So soothing! Ahhh.
Roses at Penn. Lovely!
Cool building at Drexel
Flowers down at Penn's Landing, where I went to check out the Art Star Craft Bazaar... gotta support the crafty folks!
I'm assuming this building (on Fairmount, between 4th and 5th) was... maybe a shrine to cows? Haha, probably not. Sadly, probably something involving the dismantling of cows for consumption. Poor cows.


sarah meredith said...

Hey Diane - nice pictures!! Philly looks great through your eyes!

Diane Feissel said...

Aw thanks, Sarah! But Philly looks good whether through my eyes or otherwise... :)

Alia El-Bermani said...

I got all researchy, and wanted to know what the building with the cows heads was... At first it looked like the Zimmerman Company was an engineering company that created such things as the lock system for the panama canal. But, I couldn't figure out how the cows related. Then I found more info on the actual building, which was built later than the Zimmerman Co. It was as you had guessed, a slaughter house.

Thanks for letting me geek out on you. ;)

Diane Feissel said...

Alia - thanks for getting all researchy!! That's really cool to hear - I need to learn more about the history of this city and all of its awesome builidings and nooks and crannies and such... it's the kind of thing I wish I had paid more attention to the first time living here - but it's good to have a "second chance" to get to know and love Philly!! Yay!!