Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art with Sartre.

I've been working on about forty different things at once of late - including portrait commissions - which is not a particularly efficient way of working, truth be told. Anyway, here's one I feel like I've been working on forever:
Being and bubblegum, work in progress, oil on printed fabric. by me, Diane. Hey.


Alia El-Bermani said...

Is this one a commission Diane? That's one cool client if so!! I like the hints of pink on Sartre's face. Very subtle. Nicely done.

Diane Feissel said...

Hey Alia! No, this one's not a commission, just one for fun... but that would be cool, if someone would commission a Sartre painting, I really like painting him for some reason. And the pink on his face, it's actually kind of accidental - long story! Suffice it to say, this one needs some more work!