Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uncovered, part deux.

So, here are some more of my newly-discovered (yet not newly-drawn) figure sketches, for your amusement and for the historical record:
Obviously a very unfinished sketch, but I was always fond of this pose - great line there. Right on, model! Whoever you were. I don't event remember where I did these - Philadelphia? San Francisco? '90s? '00s? Who knows.

Ditto this one - one of those cool poses that looks comfortable but most likely was not very comfortable after about 2 minutes.

Awesome pose and twist, but dreaded foreshortening! Poorly rendered!! Arggg! The agony of defeat.

Cool pose, but there's definitely something off about my proportions in this one. Sigh.

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sarah meredith said...

Hey Diane - Thanks for your comnment - and back at you! Your drawings, however old they are, are lovely. If you are in NYC in the next couple of weeks, check out the academic drawings in the gallery at the ASL - they are pretty amazing.