Saturday, May 23, 2009

NYC photo roundup.

Voilà, some photos from NYC.
Groovy Yayoi Kusama installation at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea.

Susan's gorgeous painting of a cow from Argenton-Château. Or should I say "vache"-? Anyway, sorry this photo is a bit blurry and washed-out, because it's a beautiful little painting. Mmm, vache.

Somehow I never get tired of the mosiacs in the NYC metro stations... especially when they're of cute birds.

And I also LOVE surprises!! Surprise! Surprise!

And who doesn't love William Morris-y wallpaper? Found in a friend's office building in SoHo.

Suddenly, Susan! Ta-da! Surprise! Surprise!

Even more surprising? This merger of Spock and Marilyn. It works surprisingly well - but is it Smock? Marilock? Sparilyn? You decide.

OMG, there's, like, a factory somewhere cranking out these creepy chef sculptures. Shudder. Let's hope they're not planning world domination, in a culinary sense or otherwise...

Creepy chef sculpture variant.


This is very "Sex and the City" in every way possible, no? No doubt they sell Manolo Blahhhhhhhniks.

Even owls get excited about New York pizza...

Chipmunk at the Evolution Store. Chipmunks: cute, even in death.

Reassuring news when one is on the subway...

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Aimee said...

D- As usual you made me chuckle with your photo commentary. Love all the photos!!